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Haritha CCTV is the leading distributor and dealer of Secureye Cameras in Hyderabad .Secureye carries a two years warranty replacement and one year service repair at free of cost .Burnt items are not covered in Warranty .

Secureye is one of the  India’s leading CCTV Camera  Brand that offers a wide range of security and surveillance products. There are different types of CCTV Cameras for residential and Commerical purposes which  includes various cameras like Security cameras, Wi-Fi Cameras, Color Day and Night Vision Cameras, Analog High Definition  Cameras, Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, IP Cameras, and Network Cameras with  high resolution and high-quality video recording available. Secureye has  recently introduced  hybrid  DVRs, NVR, and many other solutions on cloud also. Secureye has  various security accessories like  PoE Switches, high Quality Cables, Video Baluns, and other networking accessories which are  required to complete execution of a project.

Secureye has  high-quality products like the FALCON and IBIS series Cameras supporting their Hybrid DVRs & NVRs. You can choose from the long list of products present on the same brand. CCTV Surveillance cameras are well known for their long-term usage, durability, reliability, and functionality.


What are the best CCTV kits?

Secureye presents the best Wireless CCTV Kits as per the client requirements.

There are different types of CCTV kits listed below:

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